The Xcite V3 AS is significantly lighter and more agile than the Xcite V2

A more detailed list of the differences:
– V2 uses 0.1mm bladder while V3 AS uses 0.08mm bladder. This means that the bladders in V3 are 20% lighter.
– V2 uses a dacron frame around the canopy (not speaking about the inflatable frame here), in V3 this is replaced by a heavy canopy frame. This means that the frame around the canopy in V3 is 60% lighter.
– V2 uses DP 175 LL dacron while V3 AS uses Code 155P dacron which is not only 12.5% lighter but creates a more agile kite.
– The LE diameter on multiple sizes was slightly adjusted.
– The arc on all sizes is slightly adjusted.
– The AR of the small and larger sizes are slightly adjusted.
– Some construction updates in LE and struts.

Any Ventum AS uses extra reinforcements in the LE seams to maintain an optimal balance between performance and durability.