The standard Xplore V3 uses DP 175 LL dacron from Germany (160 g/m2), a ‘classic’ dacron with melamine coating.
The Advanced Series uses Challenge Code 155P Dacron from the US (142g/m2), a ‘new technology’ dacron with polyurethane coating.
The AS are a bit lighter due to the lighter dacron, but the Ventum Advanced Series are not made to be light as possible!
The AS have extra reinforcements in the LE seams to maintain an optimal balance between performance and durability.

– The Advanced Series is more agile and a bit faster and lighter than the Standard series.
– The Standard Series is expected to be slightly more durable than the Advanced Series.

In light winds the weight of a kite becomes of increasing importance which is why the 15m Xplore, which uses a lot of dacron, comes as Advanced Series only.